People on Earth feel one of the “strongest magnetic storms in recent years”, which is caused by a strong solar flare



November 4, 2021 13:24 GMT

The instability will continue for at least two to three days, although the probability of reaching the current high levels is low, according to the scientists.

a magnetic stormstronger in recent years“I felt it on Thursday on Earth, communication Russian Laboratory of Solar X-ray Astronomy (LPI).

Russian scientists explained that the observations made by the probes were recorded Significant increase in solar wind speed, from 400 to more than 800 kilometers per second, and an approximately 100-fold increase in the density of interplanetary plasma. And they noted that all this “leaves no doubt” that a large solar expulsion, that is, masses of solar matter expelled from the heliosphere by a powerful flare, which occurred on November 2, reached our planet.

The index of geomagnetic activity, which was slowly decreasing until it reached calm values ​​in recent days (after the eruptions in late October), jumped almost immediately after midnight to level 7 (maximum 9), which corresponds to Level 3 magnetic storm on a scale of five“They reported.

As detailed by the LPI, the current magnetic storm should end Thursday afternoon. However, instability in our planet’s magnetic field will continue At least two or three days, although the probability of reaching the current highs is low.

Previously, in the past four years, it was only recorded on Earth Four magnetic storms of the same level: May 12, 2021, May 14, 2019, August 26, 2018, and September 28, 2017.

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