“They thought they were going to make ‘La casa de papel’ here”; They foiled an attack on a gold warehouse in Medellin


The robbery of a gold warehouse in Medellin ended with 11 detainees, the mayor of the city compared the attack to “La Casa de Papel”

This Thursday morning, a burglary took place gold necklace employment MedellinAnd Colombia, ending in Confrontation with the police.

According to reports, the events took place near the Monterrey shopping center in El Poblado.

brigadier general Javier Jose Martin JamezThe Valle de Abora police chief commented that the attackers had put a dump truck in the warehouse because they were trying to steal a large amount of precious metals.

Thus, the patrol that was making its way intercepts a first offender Who was in the corner this criminal when he sees the patrol is afraid and warns the other criminals who were inside and starts the confrontation.”

Several witnesses to the events took pictures of the robbery, which ended with the arrest of 11 people.

The shooting also wounded three people, an alleged attacker and two agents.

They thought they would ‘La paper house“They found the best police in Colombia, the Metropolitan Police in Medellin,” said Daniel Quintero. mayor from Medellin.

The authorities reported that several people had escaped with input materials for smelting the metals, with 10 million Colombian pesos (about 50,000 Mexican pesos) being offered as a reward for each one.

With information from El Tiempo

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