Peru: Keiko Fujimori is being investigated for accusing a former adviser of wanting to interfere in the work of the Electoral Tribunal

Keiko Fujimori maintains allegations of vote fraud in Peru (Image: REUTERS/Sebastian Castaneda)

Prosecutor of Peru Jose Domingo Perez Opening a new investigation against the presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori After publishing audio recordings in which a former presidential adviser is imprisoned Vladimir Montesinos He proposes bribing election judges to win the June 6 presidential runoff.

Perez, part of the team investigating the Lava Jato case in Peru, began investigations against Fujimori, his party, Forza Popular, and “Responsible” for the alleged money laundering offence, for a maximum period of 36 months.

The Prosecutor stated that There is “information from audio files containing telephone communications” between Montesinos, ex-military officer Pedro Regas and attorney Guillermo Sendon about “the financing of the presidential campaign of Forza Popular”.

It was revealed the start of preliminary proceedings in this case on Monday by Fujimori, who confirmed on social media that Perez “launches a new show to cover up the ‘Los Dinámicos del Centro’ case”, another investigation by the Prosecutor General’s Office this time into the alleged irregular campaign financing of his electoral rival, the leftist Pedro Castillo.

The right-wing candidate argued that Peres’ desire to photograph is boundless. For this reason, it called in “Vladimiro Montesinos as a hero to ensure the publication and coverage” of the new measures.

“The prosecutor who had already requested my imprisonment four times returned to the attack and opened an investigation into the audio recordings armed by Montesinos and his friends who accuse me of money laundering.”He confirmed, referring to another investigation by the Attorney General’s Office into the alleged irregular financing of his 2011 and 2016 election campaign.

Vladimiro Montesinos, former advisor to former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori
Vladimiro Montesinos, former advisor to former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori

Fujimori has already entered preventive detention on two occasions to conduct this investigationCurrently awaiting the judicial decision to open an oral trial.

On Peres, the candidate emphasized “That his obsession and desire to photograph were enoughShe announced that she would ask the Public Prosecution Office “and others to exclude her from this new case to prevent her apparent bias from distorting this investigation.” He assures that he will cooperate with her as he has done in “more than 20 years”.

Newspaper Republic He indicated that the Public Prosecutor supported his investigation In the transcript of the phone call recording of Montesinos, who is serving 25 years in prison at the Callao Naval Base Prison.

In the audio it is mentioned that Fujimori and Fuerza are Popular “They received a lot of money, but they threw it (stolen),” after which Montesinos said the money should be sought from right-wing businessmen and politicians to fund Fujimori’s annulment appeals against the minutes of the second election session. The round in which he disputed with Castillo.

Fujimori made these objections to try to cancel some of them 200,000 votes in areas where his opponent obtained an overwhelming vote and after claiming “Systematic fraudNo credible evidence has yet been provided.

The official election count indicated that Castillo won more than 40,000 votes compared to Fujimori, although a review of the candidate’s challenges still prevented the electoral jury from declaring the winner.

The Public Prosecutor also considered that the “alleged criminal activity” with which the popular Forza party was accused in the framework of previous campaigns had not stopped, and said that This “considers the crime of money laundering, in the ways of transfer and transfer, concealment and possession.”

Supporters of Keiko Fujimori demonstrate against leftist candidate Pedro Castillo (Photo: REUTERS/Sebastian Castaneda)
Supporters of Keiko Fujimori demonstrate against leftist candidate Pedro Castillo (Photo: REUTERS/Sebastian Castaneda)

On July 1, the former army Pedro Regas He admitted that he participated in a scheme devised by Montesinos, the former “strongman” of the government of Alberto Fujimori, Keiko’s father, to obtain bribes, That the candidate be recognized as the winner of the elections in Peru.

He said that “Primary benefitBy Montesinos It was in order to support Keiko’s candidacy and noted that he was “supposed” to have “reported the money request to Fujimori,” but instead preferred to “say it all because he didn’t want to go to prison with corruption.”

He added that during the last campaign, he also learned that Montesinos was leading, from prison, a group of people who supported Fujimori’s candidacy with Dissemination of messages via social networks and the phone with the support of an intelligence expert.

However, after the results of the second round, Montesinos called Brigas to tell him that three of the four judges on the National Elections Arbitration Commission (JNE) should be bribed with $1 million., the highest electoral body responsible for announcing the results.

(With information from EFE)

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