Pharmaceutical distribution is recognized as an important entity

Pharmaceutical distribution is recognized as an important entity

Eduardo Pastor, President of Cofares.

European wholesalers pharmaceutical distribution passed to Become part of the list of ‘Entities that Provide Vital Services’ In a coordinated effort by GIRP, the European Employers Association. So says Cofares, an active member of the group.

The twenty-seven reached this agreement included in the future “EU Resilience Directive”, which aims to reduce vulnerabilities and increase physical adaptation critical entities which indicates the good performance of the country. These are organizations that “provide vital services” and must be able to prepare for and respond to “natural disasters, terrorism, health emergencies or mixed attacks”.

joint work

From Cofares point out that the ‘achievement’ was made possible ‘thanks to the perseverance and work of the team GIRP, closely associated with Cofares Through the Vice President of this organization convened by Cooperativa Director Carlos Varela, and the solid strategy of the General Director of GIRP, Monika Derecque-Pois”.

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