Praying for a miracle? They have caught a man watching a Qatar World Cup 2022 match at full capacity

In order to see their team, fans are able to do almost anything at any time to not miss out No party, without neglecting the other responsibilities that one has.

since the beginning Qatar World Cup 2022, Last Sunday, November 20, there are dozens of people who met, egin the public squares of cities to watch the team that represents them in the Asian lands.

However, there are many other fans They cannot do this because they have to work, study or take on any other responsibility. This is the case of a man who, in full force, did not stop supporting his national team and watched the World Cup match in church.

The protagonist of this video, posted on the Twitter account @OlyMush4, put the cell phone into a slot in the back of the church chairs. There he could easily hide the device, without being detected by the priest, and without missing a moment of the encounter.

however, Anyone watching from behind could see the strange scene. For this reason, diagonally to the man, they catch him watching the match in the middle of the Eucharist.

The passion that football arouses and the most important tropical event for this sport at the national level It’s even a prison in Uganda that has banned its guards from using cell phones while they are in prison on duty.

The video spread on the networks, but not all users agreed with the protagonist and criticized his actions in the building. Some comments “It’s complete disrespect”, “He would have better stayed home”.

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