Prince Andrew loses York’s honorary title after sexual assault scandal

Prince Andrew loses York’s honorary title after sexual assault scandal

Prince Andrew, has been banished from British public life because of a sexual assault scandalOn Wednesday, he lost the honorary title bestowed on him by the English city of York.

After a unanimous vote of local council members, the second son of the Queen Isabel IIBearing the title of Duke of this northern English city, he has the distinction of “Liberty of York City” (Liberty of York) which he was awarded in 1987.

The title dates back to 1272, when “free men” (“free men”) were responsible for controlling trade and administering pasture rights, but now it held little more than an honorary value.

Yorkists said Prince Andrew’s association with the city was a “disgrace” and some, such as Gwen Swinburne, have called for Prince Andrew’s title to be withdrawn. Duke of York.

She criticized “our queen almost all of her titles and responsibilities, except for the title of duke, which pollutes our city.”

The Duke of York, 62, was denied any official role in January and cannot use the title HRH after American Virginia Joffrey accused him of a crime. Sexual assault in 2001when she was a minor and the victim of the late American pedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Confidential settlement with the whistleblower, who will be paid 16 million dollars According to the British press, she allowed the closure of the planned trial against Prince Andrew in the United States.

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