Protecting Traditional Medicine in Hidalgo: Hector Chavez


Hector Chavez Ruiz, Va por México candidate for Federal District Parliament III Actopan, considered it essential to provide support and protection for traditional medicine at Hidalgo, which represents an alternative in the more remote areas of the state.

The applicant undertakes to administer the training and certification of those who have these practices, such as midwives.

He noted that traditional medicine was the result of inheriting indigenous knowledge and should be preserved. On his trip, the applicant had a dialogue with people and users, as in the case of Tlahuiltepa.

The activity is also sustainable from the use of plants, animals or minerals from each region, which are part of the customs, ceremonies and rituals of peoples.

The PRD, Acción Nacional and PRI banner holder considered it essential to encourage interdisciplinary research to maximize its benefits and make it available to citizens as an alternative to taking care of their health.

This is because not all citizens of the region have access to 24-hour medical services, in some cases due to lack of budget, but in others due to the remoteness of the regions and the geography of the regions.

The wording

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