Protests the College of Aesthetic Medicine, Longevity and Nutrition of Guadiana – El Sol de Durango

Protests the College of Aesthetic Medicine, Longevity and Nutrition of Guadiana – El Sol de Durango

“Where the art of medicine is spoken, humanity is also loved” … In the Museum of Villa Francisco, the first College of Aesthetic Medicine, Longevity and Nutrition of Guadiana AC (COMEG) was sworn in, headed by Dr. Juan Carlos Navarrete-Salazar, as founding president.

This union consists of the need to have a presence in Durango, with a civil union union in aesthetic medicine, able to propose solutions to society and our health.

“Thank you to all the great presidents, officials, teachers and everyone who can pass on this message to the medical community which is nothing more than a union. Aesthetic medicine has a long evolution, beginning on another continent 45 years ago, but here in Mexico, 3 decades have passed, and yet we are here to stick.” With you to bring the best technology to seek knowledge where it arises it’s really very passionate because it’s a newly created school we commit we have the best materials and the best equipment and it has the health and educational advancements to bring you medicine with high expectations safe and advanced aesthetic medicine we want Durango to be a national precedent to open this kind of school,” Navarrete-Salazar said.

And he added: “Because of this passion that we have for this profession, there are those who inject injections to change faces with their hands, but there are those who use more than their hands, and there are those who use their hearts, and there are those who use their minds and their entire profession to achieve that the patient changes his life and this changes it.” For the best, and others are cosmetic doctors, thank you very much.”

The event was attended by Dr. Humberto Rosales Ronquillo, President of the Durango Medical College, who was responsible for carrying out said invocation.

Senior officials were present at the table of honor, such as Juan Esteban Aguilar Esquivel, President of the Faculty of Geriatrics, Municipal Director of Public Health. Leoncio Alonso Rodríguez Valdivia, Head of the Faculty of Orthopedics and Traumatology. Bachelor. Alpha Avila Carranza, General Secretary of PRI’s Legal Department; Elida Saideth Villanueva Ortega, President of the Duranguense AC Doctors Association; Rolando Chavez Martinez, Head of the College of Cardiology, Dr. Felipe Solís Guerica, Chair, College of Integrative Medicine, Dr. Jennifer Delgado Rodriguez, Vice Chair, College of Physicians of the Duranguense AC Association; Bachelor Francisco Segovia Mesa, Secretary General of the Section 88 Federation.

Similarly, BA Diana Ocon Alvarado, President of the Mexican Association of Women Business Executives; Dr. Eric Ivan Hernandez Cousin, Secretary General of the Sotojd Association; Dr.

Antonio Solís Muguero, Chair of the Durango College of Ultrasound; Dr. Rolando Chavez Martinez, Chair of the College of Cardiology.

They also took legal protest, Dr. Carlos Adrian Nevarez Ontiveros, Vice President; Dr. Cecilia Maiela Lichuja Rodalegas, General Treasurer; Jorge Luis Frias Rodriguez, Secretary General of Bioethics, Dr. Judith Conteras Haro, Secretary General; Dr. Selena Paulina Zubia Arellano and Dr. Maria Fernanda Leal.

Also belonging to this syndicate are Dr. America Valdelamar, plastic surgeon Brenda Guadalupe Gallegos Torres and Dr. Carla Maria Verastegui Esparza, among others.

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