Puebla Puebla announced that it has a veterinary forensic unit.


Tehuacan. By signing a cooperation agreement with the Animal Protection Association, TAC, in this city, Beatriz Manrique Guevara, Head of the Environment Department (Semar) in the state, announced that soon the entity will not only have an animal welfare clinic, but also a forensic veterinary medicine unit.

Beatrice Manrique stressed that the issue of animal welfare in the state government is just as important as any other issue, which has made it possible to implement projects of this scale to position Puebla as a nationwide spearhead on the matter.

He emphasized that it was hard work, because various aspects were addressed to reach this achievement, starting with the legal aspect, where there was a law to protect animals, but the regulations had not been published, so in working on this issue it was necessary to make amendments to the current law.

He stressed that they have built the legal aspect along with the cases to punish those who are subjected to animal abuse, and for this reason the forensic veterinary medicine unit was established, because only with this support can be provided to the state attorney general’s office, the legal elements to bring such a trial to judgment.

The secretary said Cemar has forensic veterinary experts who will be able to contribute to the judicial authorities, as there are now elements to truly punish animal abuse.

He explained that the agreement with TAC would be beneficial to the municipality because from there, in Tehuacan, permanent advice would be provided to both civic organizations and city council employees, in addition to training in the various aspects that involve animal welfare.

In the same way, it has already been provided so that the critically ill animals can be cared for at the state animal welfare clinic, which is already providing service in the capital.

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