Qatir, to the 5000m final

Tokyo 2020 | Athletics

The long-distance runner from Mola conveys the best feelings for Friday’s battle goal

Igor Barkia

with full power. Muhammad Katir arrived in Tokyo at such a beautiful moment, managing to win the second semi-final for 5000 meters with 13.30 without shaggy, looking to the sides and behaving as a great dominator. It will be necessary to see what he is capable of in the final, because on Friday that will be something else, but Mola’s long-distance runner so far conveys the best sentiment. Today he was in the middle of the group, far from the movements of the African athletes, until there were three laps left, and after overcoming a fall that could cause problems, he put himself in the level of Joshua Cheptegei, silver in the 10,000m and looking at this distance for the gold that escaped last Friday.

Featuring easy flow and relaxed style, Katir didn’t pay the consequences of being in his first major tournament. He knows all the opponents because he measured them in the Diamond League, and they know him too, and they never questioned that sense of control and power that he conveyed in the last round, when he took over the head and became allowed the luxury of winning the semi-finals. It will be a tough final, complicated by the tactics of Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda, who claim revenge after 10km, but Kater has already shown with his national records of 1500 and 3000m that he is very fast under it, and that he will be an enemy to consider when putting medals in play in those The last laps of 5000 which is very exciting for the Spanish.

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