“Queen of Katwi” new movie by Mira Nair


“The Queen of Katwe” tells the true story of young Ugandan Fiona Mutesi. A girl born into a modest family dreamed of becoming a chess champion and succeeded.

Lupita Nyongo is one of the film’s protagonists and Mira Mayer is its director.

“Mira manages to bring authenticity and a lot of love to this story. Mira knows Uganda very well, she loves this country and wanted to show that Ugandans are determined, people are correct, and the fact that you live in a place where you have to fight does not always define who you are,” says the actress.

David Oyelowo plays the man who will discover Phiona’s talents and help her realize her dream.

“I think the fact that Mira is a woman was very important because if the director was a man, then maybe my character would be the protagonist of the story and not a little girl. We’ve seen that happen in many other films. I think the story in this way is more interesting and inspiring, at least for me She was,” the actor explains.

The “Queen of Katwe” participated in the last edition of the Toronto International Film Festival. The film is now already out in British and Irish cinemas and will be shown in February in Germany.

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