Quintana Roo has a historic welfare budget in 2023

Quintana Roo has a historic welfare budget in 2023

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The Governor, Mara Lizama Espinosa, celebrated the unprecedented investment of about 45 billion pesos, for the great works being built in Quintana Roo as announced by the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, representing more work, luxury and prosperity. For families across the state.

During the morning conference given in this city by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, he affirmed that Quintana Roo is a paradise that has given so much to the nation and generated wealth, and for which the Government of Mexico seeks to reward him with the greatest historical citation. .

“There has never been a year in which the federal government allocated so many resources to the entity, we will have works such as the Maya Train, Tulum Airport, Chetumal Airport Rehabilitation, Colosseo Avenue Rehabilitation, Distributor from Cancun Airport, Lake Nicopte Bridge and Chacmule Extension,” he explained.

He also stressed that next year the country will have one of the best public health systems in the world, and announced that the construction of the Felipe Carrillo Puerto Hospital will begin in May 2023.

In her speech, Governor Mara Lizama expressed her appreciation to the Government of Mexico for this unprecedented investment to bring development to the Southeast, to the state, and turned her gaze toward those who need it most.

He explained that, with the participation of all, with the new agreement on welfare and development, it is possible to confront the scourges that Quintana Roo suffers from, on the basis of trust, integrating all social sectors to rebuild the social fabric, reduce inequality gaps, ensure citizen security and achieve common, sustainable and sustainable economic development. .

Mara Lizama explained that as a result of the austerity policy implemented, in which the privileges of the high bureaucracy were abolished, starting with the governor’s office, two million pesos from the regular budget would be redirected to social programs and measures.

“Quintana Roo will have the largest social spending in its history in which women will take priority. I reiterate my conviction that a social policy that puts women at the center of decisions will have a significant impact on Quintana Roo,” said the chief executive.

Likewise, the Governor of Quintana Roo emphasized that the achievements and successes that have been achieved represent an explosion of the economic and social potential of the state, but also bring – with the government of real, humane and progressive change – the poor first, to leave aside an exhausted economic model, which has generated wealth only for a few people.

After the press conference, President López Obrador and Governor Mara Lizama traveled to Tulum to oversee the works of the Mayan Train.

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