Rayados 75 will participate in the New York Film Festival


New lion. – Movie Monterrey Football Club “Rayados 75”, will participate in Football Film Festival “Kicking and Checking”.

The film is directed by the Monterrey-born filmmaker Fernando the Caliph, who was also a manager back home, Film about origin and history Monterey.

Rachel MarcusThe director and co-founder of the festival said that every year they conduct extensive research to bring the best products about football from around the world.

“Scheme 75” It was chosen from among hundreds of other feature and short films, so it will compete with three other films for the award golden whistle.

The other three products are end of the storm, which is about the technician Jürgen Klopp is a supermodel, the story of the legendary Ultra Fashion y Big Time Soccer: the rise and fall of the great NASL club.

scratch 75 It will be shown on October 14 at scandinavian house, located in 58 Park Ave, New York, NY 10016, United States.

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