Of all the movies available on NetflixOnly a few of them have managed to become a trend within the streaming giant’s platform. Today, we want to talk about three feature films that currently occupy a place in the list of the most watched and talked about films by Red N.


2021 – Director: Antoine Fuqua

degenerate to emergency service, A police officer tries to rescue a distraught interlocutor during a heartbreaking day of revelations and reckoning. This movie is starring Jake Gyllenhaal It is a remake of the homonymous 2018 film of Danish origin.

More about sinner In this note.

I like you as a friend

2021 – Director: Charles van Tegem

A desperate romantic Thibault believes his luck is about to change after meeting Rose. Could he go from just a friend to the man of her life?

Nobody gets out alive

2021 – Manager: Santiago Mengeni

The film tells the story of Ambar (Christina Rudlow), a Mexican immigrant who comes to the United States with the goal of fulfilling the American Dream. Since he has no documents, he will have to stay in a pension as the dream turns into a nightmare from which he cannot escape.

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