At least six killed in building collapse in Uganda


Kampala, Uganda. – at least Six people died Today, Sunday, in Kampala, Uganda, the Red Cross reported that part of a multi-storey building under construction had collapsed due to heavy rains.

The videos were broadcast on social networks They show workers and passersby searching the rubble for possible survivors.

Irene NacasitaA Ugandan Red Cross spokesman said three dead bodies had been found in the rubble of the four-storey building. He added that two girls, aged five and nine, were rescued alive.

The collapsed building is located next to the usually crowded Kisenyi Bus Terminal.

“Some say that wedding drivers (motorcycle taxis) and other people – during the rains – may have taken refuge in the building and people are afraid they might be buried,” Nacasieta said.

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operations”Search and rescue“Keep on going,” he said. Emergency services continued to search the place at dusk with the help of two bulldozers.

police spokesperson, Luc OysigiereHe said the collapsed building was buried.Vehicles, motorcycles and workersHowever, the number of people trapped is still unknown.

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