“Real Godzilla”: A giant lizard causes panic in Thailand


A huge screen lizard surprised shoppers as they browse their convenience store Thailand.

He walked the aisles before climbing the shelves and tossing things on the floor to unleash a cry of surprise from the onlookers

“Shelves ruined! Oh my God”

A voice chanted around the shelves, “It’s ruined! Oh my God!” Reptiles It is the second largest lizard in the world after the Komodo dragon, according to “All Reptiles”.

A site user wrote Social media When the accident comes a week after Godzilla vs Kong was launched simultaneously in American theaters and on digital platforms.

It’s not known why the reptiles entered the store in the first place, although some speculate He was trying to escape from the humid outside temperatures.

The clerk alerted the authorities to arrest the unexpected visitor.

This isn’t the first time that a watch lizard has frightened humans. The Bangkok Post reported that in 2016, a large group of scavengers invaded Lumpini Park in Bangkok, damaging plants and surprising visitors.


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