They safely find a military man from Fort Bliss


Roberto Carrillo Arteaga
El Paso Magazine

Wednesday, 07 April 2021 | 19:59

a step- Specialist Auranda Herminette Perez Moctezuma, 27, was found safe and sound after police authorities from El Paso and Fort Place coordinated efforts to locate her.

Perez Moctezuma has been reported missing by relatives and authorities of the military base since last Sunday, April 4, after her whereabouts were ignored.

However, after conducting the warning and search, the army arrived at his home at around 3 p.m. on Wednesday, April 7.

The El Paso Police Department stated, “She has not shown any injuries and is not suspected of being illegal due to her absence.”

Coordinated work between EPPD and Fort Bliss continues an investigation into the disappearance of specialist Pérez Moctezuma, who had been in contact with her family prior to their final location last Sunday.

Fort Bliss authorities confirmed the fact that the woman was not present at the roll call Tuesday morning at the military base.

EPPD revealed that Perez Moctezuma’s personal car, along with his personal belongings, was found abandoned near the Mesa-Montana junction.

However, the soldier arrived at her home on Wednesday afternoon with the approval of her family and the local community, as she continues to search for Pfc Richard Hallyday, who was 21 when he disappeared on 24 July 2020.

“My sister, Aurandita Perez, has been found!” Said Diandra Perez Moctezuma, who represents the family of the newly found soldier in safety.

“I want to thank everyone for spreading the word on my sister. They found her alive! We are very grateful for all of your help. Thank you very much to all! God bless you!” Said Auranda Perez Moctezuma’s sister.

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