A man accused of stealing $ 800,000 has been arrested

A man accused of stealing $ 800,000 has been arrested

Roberto Carrillo Arteaga
El Paso Magazine

Thursday, 08 April 2021 | 18:18

a step- An El Paso Police Department investigation revealed that a man had been arrested for stealing more than $ 800,000.

Roberto Tejada, 32, was arrested after committing a robbery of more than $ 300,000 while working as a driver for the Securities Management Service.

Investigators from the EPPD Financial Crimes Unit arrested Tejada on April 7, after establishing his alleged responsibility for the robbery.

It turns out Tejada worked for Miracle Delivery Services, and from December of last year to February of this year, he stole more than $ 800,000 after collecting bags of cash from various financial institutions.

It turns out that Tejada took the sacks of cash and other documents to cover up the disappearance of the money he had taken incorrectly.

The investigation revealed that Tejada bought up to 5 new cars, Model 2021, in cash and gave them to different family members.

After obtaining a search warrant, investigators secured the aforementioned vehicles, as well as cash that was found hidden in the suspect’s room, as well as evidence related to the case.

Tejada was taken into El Paso County Detention Center on $ 40,000 bail.

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