Relive the first movie of a solar eclipse in 1900 (video)

Relive the first movie of a solar eclipse in 1900 (video)

The British Film Institute and the English Royal Astronomical Society have announced the rediscovery of a film that has been stored for more than a century on its shelves. Around Snapshots from solar eclipse Happened in 1900is the first record of an astronomical event that has now been redesigned and revived the celestial vault in over a hundred years.

The first video showing a solar eclipse in history

Capture the British magic movie Neville Maskelen, who later in his career became a director. During 1990, Maskelen made an expedition to North Carolina with the British Astronomical Society with the firm intent of capturing a solar eclipse on videotape.

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he is This was not the first time that the director had tried to leave a film record of an astronomical event of this kind. In 1989 he loaned his film equipment to his friend John Bacon and his daughter Gertrude Bacon, who had traveled to India to successfully film the Eclipse, but on the way back to England, the tin containing the film’s negatives was lost.

This is why Maskelyn himself traveled to the United States to photograph the next solar eclipse himself, which will be On May 28, 1990. Of course it was not an easy feat, in order to capture the astronomical phenomenon, the scientist had to develop some kind of special telescopic transducer so that his camera could capture the eclipse.

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Unfortunately, this is the only known movie of Maskelene, but now that it has been rediscovered, the British Film Institute and the Royal Astronomical Society have decided to Scan it well and then restore it to 4K quality. Film preservation experts at the BFI National Archives in England have edited and reprogrammed the film frame by frame.

The cross between magic and science

During the English Victorian era, Technological progress and magic coexist, intertwine in the merging and uniting of the two worlds. It is no coincidence that many magicians and deceivers of that time later became filmmakers, such as Gum Smith and Walter Booth, who directed the famous Egyptian Hall, the oldest magical theater in London.

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to me rediscoverBFI Film Curator Bryony Dixon said early film historians had been searching for the film for many years, with no positive results. But it’s exciting to think that the only remaining Maskelyne film has now appeared again. Harnessing the technical magic of the 21st century, this attraction was revived in the 19th century. Maskelyne wanted a new show in his magical theater, better than the most phenomenal. Natural is absolutely impressive.”

The movie that can be watched online has become The first recording of a solar eclipse It is amazing how that takes us back a century ago, when these astronomical phenomena were as interesting as they are now.

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