Ricardo Salinas Bligo: “a true fifth-class aviation center”

Ricardo Salinas Bligo: “a true fifth-class aviation center”

Mexico City /

businessman Ricardo Salinas BligoOwner salt groupYes, share it social networks The trip he took Portugal; However, he mentioned that his tourist destination caused disappointment and even cCompare his airport to a “fifth-class” plane..

“We are disappointed with our stay in Portugal,” he said.

through your account TwitterSalinas Bleijo recounted his negative experience about the services he received:

  • Lots of cheap tourism.
  • Poor attitude of governments responsible for immigration, customs, ports and operation of Lisbon Airport.
  • Portugal is the NO country! There is nothing to be done!

He also compared Portugal with other European countries such as FFrance, Italy and Spain, who stated that they receive more tourists, because they receive more affection. And the So in contrast to MexicoHe said this has better service.

Finally, in comparing it, he said:Sure, this damn airport is a real class 5 “flying hub”.


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