Robert De Niro stars in the Netflix F1 movie

Robert De Niro stars in the Netflix F1 movie

Netflix is ​​preparing a movie on Formula 1, Who will be the protagonist of the legendary actor Robert De Niro, Who is 77 years old embarks on a new movie about gangsters.

and he The ‘formula’, As the feature film will be called, it will tell a story of pure fiction that will link the parent category of motorsport with the mafia.

Directed, produced and written Gerard McMurray The plot will be based on a young pilot, playing by John Boyega – The most recently successful actor in the Star Wars saga- who Comes to Formula 1 with the support of the mafia, Forcing him, at a certain stage, to work for her, not only to save his position but to avoid family problems as a result of his reckless life.

“It feels great to finally see this idea in my head finally materialize. My new production company, Buppie Productions, has partnered with Tribeca Films and Netflix to bring you an original film that will be called The Formula starring two of my favorite actors, John Boyega and Robert De NiroThis was announced by McMurray through his Instagram account.

“it’s a The story of a young Detroit star who became a Formula 1 star Under the tutelage of his mentor, who has long-standing ties to the mafia. “

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