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Spanish series that achieved world success; Adventure Review Superheroes with generational struggles and teenage drama with school air are part of the production jigsaw that cannot be missed in this. weekend.


Spanish series that achieved world success; Adventure Review Super heros With generational struggles and teens’ dramatic dramas with school air, they are part of the panorama of productions that cannot be missed this weekend.

Jupiter’s legacy

The Utopian, a two-century superhero who seems ready to make room for his children Chloe and Brandon In your work to maintain peace and balance. The world has changed and the truth is that the time has come to step aside, but that will not be easy at all because the new generations do not seem to be associated with this responsibility.

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Sons of Sam

A documentary series focused on the story of David Berkowitz, who became a serial killer in the late 1960s in New York.

The case that caused an uproar in the United States when Berkowitz He started killing people at night until his arrest and conviction, but the series proposes an entirely revolutionary theory within the case.

A girl from nowhere

Season 2 of the Thai series, in which student Nano (Chicha Amatayakul) arrives at a new school and faces typical struggles at that point in life.

Brotherhood, the spirit of competition, as well as hypocrisy and bullying, reappear in this new cycle with a greater tone within the plot.
A girl from nowhere It is adapted from 13 real stories that happened to students in Thailand.


Most of the truck drivers are affected by life in a very special way. His job is in danger, he has just lost his wife, and other personal tragedies seem to be happening in his life. However, he can find a point of balance as a mentor for a new driver. he is Produce India mixes drama with a certain homage to the ability to reinvent or change even when the outlook is bleak.

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