Robert Downey Jr., Jake Gyllenhaal and Mark Ruffalo shine at one of the heights of David Fincher cinema


David Fincher He has been one of the most exciting North American directors of our time for many years, but it is fair to realize that commercially his career has not lived up to expectations after the success of “Seven.” Both “The Game” and “Fight club” failed at the box office, which certainly prompted him to make Panic Room, a thriller that can be appreciated but easily understood by the general public.

The next step in his career was to fully return to the world of serial killers with “ Zodiac, ” an ambitious movie about investigating the murders of the Zodiac Killer, perhaps the most famous case in US history. The result was Exciting movie This night is airing on La 1 after the premiere of the new episode of “La Caza: Tramuntana”.

The first thing that surprises us about “Zodiac” is Fincher’s stylistic commitment, as he chooses a more sober presentation in the vast majority of his shots, and keeps what we’re used to for a few very local moments in the footage. Beyond that, it’s a movie in which accuracy is pushed almost to obsessive limits, which is something really in the awesome script of James Vanderwelt But it takes a little further.

“Zodiac” is also a movie that requires patience, as it’s true that it starts off hard, but since then, a more relaxed approach is chosen to push the story forward, and measure the information it provides to the viewers well. Of course, Fincher knows how to combine well here the magic of an amazing real state with the need to keep you entertained and We look forward to seeing more.

The problem is that Hollywood had already sacrificed this way at the time, choosing more for the sake of instant stimulation of the viewer rather than believing in their patience to offer something more. balanced. In “Zodiac” she chooses this method, but takes care of everything to the fullest, because Fincher also knows how to present more information to the viewer through what he’s showing, not just what his characters say or happen.

This perfectionism is also reflected in Wonderful preparation work To capture the different times the action takes place, with no problem digitizing even for the details the audience will ignore. Everything is appropriate, even that ending which may be frustrating for some viewers, but it is simply what the story demanded.

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I don’t want to forget any of the excellent work the cast did, as some of them clearly shine even more strongly. Jake Gyllenhaal – And that I was more distracted thinking about “Jarhead” than about the movie I was shooting -, Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. Offering different yet complementary insights for everything associated with investigating the Zodiac killer, the level doesn’t go down with its secondary list either.

Zodiac image

Unfortunately, “Zodiac” hit the box office, Where he had to settle for a global income of $ 84 million when there were sources that raise his budget to 85 million, although it is common that they estimate it at 65. Whatever the case, this is a very unfortunate failure of a wonderful movie like the one that interests us.

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