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CNET, the tech and science portal, reported that soon after the landing, NASA’s Perseverance spacecraft used a microphone to listen to winds on Mars. Now also realize what this wind can do.

On Tuesday, NASA shared the probe’s vision of a vortex of dust making its way across the Martian landscape.

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The Perseverance team posted two GIFs on social media. One of them shows a larger appearance and the other one shows an enlarged vision.

“You can see it in the distance behind my robotic arm in this enhanced / processor view,” NASA wrote. “The dust demon is moving from right to left and creating a vortex of dust in its path.”

Mars is a place famous for its dust and winds, making it an ideal environment for swirling dust, some of which can reach towering proportions.

The rover view provides a ground-level perspective of the phenomenon, which can sometimes also be seen from orbit. Earlier this month, NASA He shared a snapshot of a tornado captured by his spaceship Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

(If you read from us from the app, watch the perseverance video here).

This may be the Dust Demon’s first sight of the Perseverance Vehicle, but it won’t be the last. Another NASA rover on Mars, Curiosity, has seen its share of energetic vortices.

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Dust Devils are not only fun to watch, but they can also be useful for robot explorers. NASA has been waiting for a tornado to arrive to clear dust-laden solar panels from the Insight lander.

Perseverance has just launched its science mission, so we can look forward to more panoramic shots of the wild winds on Mars.

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