Russia expels Xavier Kulas and other journalists after election

Russia expels Xavier Kulas and other journalists after election

The Russian government refused to renew the Spanish journalist's visa Xavier Colas This is after 12 years of reporting MoscowHe had 24 hours to leave nationwhich is the scenario, according to EvieMany reporters mused after the election: “You didn't need to be a fortune teller.“.

ColaSpanish newspaper correspondentthe world' in Russia And Ukraine And a collaborator in other media Spain and Francehow France24He explained that this expulsion is “a model of what is to come and will not be limited to reporters who, in the end, do not usually bear the brunt.”

Current journalist Istanbul Where he will spend a week “trying.” DisconnectHe stated that he discovered yesterday, Wednesday, that he had to do so Leave the countrywhen he went to collect the visa after obtaining Russian authorities Invitation to stay another three months.

According to him, they informed him that he was on the expelled list, and although he asked to be informed of the body behind it, they told him that they were not obligated to provide him with any explanation.

I don't regret anything. I simply did practical: I told what was happening, talked to the people who were suffering because of it, and explained who was responsible for what happened. It is happening“, Add Cola In your X account.

Cola He stresses that “a reporter must be someone who fearlessly writes about the government as if the government is not watching, and at the same time writes carefully about ordinary people as if they can really read it the next day.” Never the other way around.”

He also refers to “Z propaganda(a sign of support for the invasion) that “attempts to present our information from Moscow about repression as evidence that there is no repression.”

“Every now and then the circle closes and their deception is exposed. once again. We continue forward. And in the same way,” he concludes his message on the social network.

With information from EFE

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