Underwater research reveals something never before seen at the bottom of the ocean – the Enséñame de Ciencia

Underwater research reveals something never before seen at the bottom of the ocean – the Enséñame de Ciencia
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Science has given us very important information to understand the planet we live on and how it works. Recently, scientific research has revealed unprecedented data about the underwater bottom. Here we reveal more about the research involved.

Earth, our home, the planet that gave birth to all the species we know today and that have existed throughout history, has many mysteries for us to unravel.

Man has set himself the task of implementing all known scientific methods to discover every unknown thing on the planet we live on, and he has succeeded in achieving many of these goals.

But there is a case that cannot be easily studied because of the circumstances and setbacks it represents.

An ecosystem that dominates all other systems and represents 70% of the Earth's surface, according to… United States Geological SurveyNaturally, we are talking about underwater habitats.

As mentioned earlier, the ocean is a very hostile habitat, it represents most of the Earth's surface, being only superficial, but it is its depths that arouse the curiosity of the scientific community that has done everything to learn more about it.

Studying the underwater bottom is a big battle, as situations must be faced such as the pressure that water exerts on objects depending on the depth at which they are located, darkness, predators, among many other things.

However, science has come a long way, creating new study techniques and inventing new technological devices that have helped us learn more about the depths of this giant mass of water.

One of the most studied topics in underwater research is the mountains that rise from the depths into the shallower waters.

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Recently, a group of researchers, Julie Gevorgyan, David T. Sandwell, Yao Yu, Seong-Sip Kim, and Bao Wessel, published a study revealing a startling discovery made in the depths of the ocean, and it has been made available to the community scientist at Advancement of earth and space sciences.

To understand the impact of this amazing discovery, it is necessary to mention that to date, science has known approximately 24 thousand seamounts at the bottom of the ocean.

These mountains are very important for understanding the behavior of underwater life, since they are usually home to a huge diversity of underwater species and are a place where they obtain food and shelter.

Coral, various fish, crustaceans, octopuses and many other species are those commonly found in these underwater mountains, which are usually born from dormant or active volcanoes, as mentioned. Ocean exploration.

Now, the great discovery is a mountain range full of unrecorded seamounts, but this is so shocking that it doubles the number of mountains previously known to science.

Nearly 19,000 unexplored seamounts have been found thanks to new underwater exploration techniques, using satellite monitoring technology, which helps count ocean seamounts more easily and quickly.

It is undoubtedly an impressive advance in the study of ocean life. We'll just have to wait and see what other impressive data can be revealed from these new discovered mountains and this new research technique.

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