Russia. They catch a tiger Amur with its youth (video)


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A hidden camera managed to capture a female Leopard things And their little ones The rarest types of big cats in the world, And leave an unusual family photo of these endangered animals.

See these four felines, which Named after the river that flows between Russia and China, It occurred in a national park in the Russian Far East; The first recording appears toMother on the raftBut then her three cubs appear, watching her quietly for over a minute.

to me Ivan Rakov Park spokesperson Land of tigers, Created in 2012 and located in the Russian region of Primorye, it is the first time that this female has been photographed with her pups.

“We discovered that he was able to raise a family,” Rakov said, noting that this is the case Name this mother’s “first litter” Leo 117FAnd Which is estimated to be about four years old. According to the expert, raising such a large garbage in the taiga is not an easy task and requires “a lot of space and food.”

Amur tigers, known for their climbing abilities, are considered to be considered The world’s rarest and most endangered big cats, According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Back from death

In recent years, actions taken by the Russian and Chinese authorities against deforestation and poaching have greatly increased their numbers. Its population is currently estimated to be over 100 individuals in Russia, up from around 35 20 years ago.

For Ivan RakovWe pass things He has “returned from the dead.”

“It’s a great success,” he says. Alexey Costeria, Responsible for rare species from the Russian branch of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in the Amur region.

According to Costaria, the creation of protected areas and joint efforts with China have saved the species from overfishing, a practice that has now “practically” disappeared.

for a long time, These tigers have been the target of intense hunting, as Chinese medicine credits them with curative virtues.

“At least 80 percent of their habitat is now under surveillance,” says Costeria, noting that deer populations, a favorite food for cats, have increased in this vast region, which also includes lynx and tigers.


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