Rwanda reopens its border with Uganda after three years

  • The opening means enabling the trade route connecting both countries to Kenya, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Rwanda he returned to Open the border with Uganda This Monday after Three years of closurewhile the tensions Between the two Central African countries resurface due to accusations of to spy And the support dissidents. Rwanda has on several occasions accused Uganda of collaborating with rebels who are plotting to overthrow the government in Kigali, while Kampala, on the other hand, accuses Rwanda of carrying out illegal espionage in the neighboring territories.

Through a tweet posted last Friday, Rwandan Foreign Minister declared that his country I would like to come back to To open The the border Subscribe to January 31. “We are aware that there is a process to resolve the issues raised by Rwanda, as well as commitments from the Ugandan government to remove remaining obstacles,” the politician said in the statement.

lead limit Closed since 2019What does he have? injured enormously Commercial Operations Between the two countries. As far as foreign trade is concerned, Rwanda has cargo lane born in port Mombasalocated on the coast of the Indian Ocean, crosses Kenya And the Uganda. The same road also connects Rwanda with Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. For some time now, relations between Rwanda and Uganda have deteriorated mainly because of differences in matters Safety And the Policy Derived from the historical relations between both regions. Rwanda’s leader, Paul Kagame, grew up in Uganda and, as a member of the guerrilla, took part in the scuffles that brought Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni to power.

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After the decision to reopen the borders, a Meeting On Kigali Enter Kagami and Museveni’s son, Mahozhi Kainergappa, who is currently the brigadier general of the armed forces. Kainerugaba has the extension the support a lot of Country people And many think it’s already ready I assume the charge occupied by his father until now.

Restoring trade relations on the border between the two countries is a key point of the goal Retrieved The fluency From their economies, which were many exhausted with arrival pandemic and limitations. Both Rwanda and Uganda are members of the trade group east african community In addition to Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and South Sudan.

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