Salinas Bligo Visits “Five Class Aviation Factory”

Salinas Bligo Visits “Five Class Aviation Factory”

During his visit to Portugal, the Mexican businessman, Ricardo Salinas Bligocriticized the European country, for describing its airport as a “class five aviation centre”.

During TwitterFounder Salinas Group He complained about the ill-treatment he had received in the Iberian state.

“We were disappointed with our stay in #Portugal. – Lots of cheap tourism. – Bad attitude of the governments responsible for immigration, customs, ports and operation of Lisbon Airport. Portugal is a no country! Nothing could be over!”

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Similarly, compare Portugal with countries like FranceAnd the Italia s Spain, because “there they show more affection.” “That is why France, Italy and Spain have more visitors, and there they show more affection. – Mexico is better in tourist services. – As consolation, I tell you that Lisbon airport is as bad as Mexico City airport. – LONG LIVE MEXICO!”

Finally, the owner of Electra showed the “VIP” entrance to the airport, who said, “Surely this damn airport is a real Class 5 ‘flight hub’!”

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