Salinas Bligo Visits “Five Class Aviation Factory”

During his visit to Portugal, the Mexican businessman, Ricardo Salinas Bligocriticized the European country, for describing its airport as a “class five aviation centre”.

During TwitterFounder Salinas Group He complained about the ill-treatment he had received in the Iberian state.

“We were disappointed with our stay in #Portugal. – Lots of cheap tourism. – Bad attitude of the governments responsible for immigration, customs, ports and operation of Lisbon Airport. Portugal is a no country! Nothing could be over!”

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Similarly, compare Portugal with countries like FranceAnd the Italia s Spain, because “there they show more affection.” “That is why France, Italy and Spain have more visitors, and there they show more affection. – Mexico is better in tourist services. – As consolation, I tell you that Lisbon airport is as bad as Mexico City airport. – LONG LIVE MEXICO!”

Finally, the owner of Electra showed the “VIP” entrance to the airport, who said, “Surely this damn airport is a real Class 5 ‘flight hub’!”

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