Santa Fe: A noble donation from Luis Manuel Segas to children in Uganda


Independiente Santa has been in a worried club in recent years To expand its brand in the international arena and due to its recognition in Konmebol it achieved even greater fame. Now the capital board in the news A noble gesture with a group of children in Uganda (Africa).

Through a video clip in the official media, she told Santa in a plausible story Luis Manuel Segas and his sister-in-law, where they donated uniforms and sports equipment to the children of an institution, and the colors of the capital’s painting became the hero.

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Seijas commented that his son-in-law was doing social volunteer work in a poor area of ​​Uganda Where there were many poor children. Through the foundation he led, Seijas became involved in seeing that children could have fun playing football in the midst of a health and social crisis.

The Venezuelan footballer has spoken to the club and some of his teammates, I managed to donate 60 Santa Fe costumes with cue balls and are proudly used by all the children of that foundation in Uganda.

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At first they played football to distract them from school closures due to the pandemicBut now that the classes are back, they are scheduled for training sessions on the weekends and all thanks to the catalyst that came from Santa Fe to that African region.

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