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toWhen the Day of Women and Girls in Science was being celebrated, the Conference of Deans (CRUE) warned of the potential negative effects of reform work on research, the translator, that it did not seem appropriate to mitigate the temporary nature of staff endorsed by the researcher. Through the labor and service contract, leading to the collapse of the system. For its part, the Union of Young Researchers refused to maintain the status quo, which leads to instability.

Building contradictory and honest knowledge is the basis of effective action. For this reason, questions must be asked and answered, because of the virtue of reproduction, a lot of work is required from many people in many fields, patience and horizon, because confirming the hypothesis represents a measure of progress such as rejecting it and trying other alternatives. M defines this, for example, whose mission is to research and publicize how neighborhoods and cities should be designed to be healthy now and in the future. It is not a minor issue. It is estimated that by 2050, 66% of the world’s population will live in cities. In Europe more, 82%.

M is involved in a study of the impact of three urban variables: presence of green space, walkability and level of pollution on mental health during pregnancy, on the percentage of preterm births and on birth weight (which determines short-term health). the long term) . A study similar to others was conducted in different geographical areas and whose comparison will provide information and raise new questions and lines of research. In these dynamics, it seems that ensuring the continuity of people trained in their field is a prerequisite for the proper development of work and the reduction of uncertainty in their work will allow them to devote themselves with greater guarantees to reduce scientific and social uncertainty.

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