The true story of a cancer patient “wants” turned into a short film to demand greater investment in science


Alberto, a 44-year-old taxi driver recently diagnosed with bladder cancer, is the hero of the short film. ‘wish a wish’ plan “steady and lively”. With its history, where many people see themselves reflexive, Atresmedia and the AXA Foundation take another step to Raising awareness of the need to invest in science.

It’s a real situation that can happen to anyone and”Leading us to a much greater value in that investment in science”, assures Josep Alfonso, General Manager of AXA. The viewer will be able to share Alberto’s concerns and his own: uncertainty, reductions in health and research, and There is no political agreement to solve it.

In short, “Fulfilling the Desire” highlights the need to invest in science as a means of progression and as a preventative measure to achieve effective treatments, as advocated by the corporate responsibility action at Atresmedia Televisión with the AXA Foundation since October 2020.

A commitment to science made the motto “Constantes y dynamices” with the project “Target 2%”with the following Demanding a state charter that protects its financing. This is how Javier Olaf, content advisor at Constantes y Vitales in the Chamber of Deputies, argued, “So that we do not lose a single euro of investment in science in 2024” and even when the short film is shown, no one forgets that science saves lives.

Details about the shortcut

Directed by Nacho Di Antonio, who also wrote the script Luisa Jafsa, Goya Award for Best Supporting Actress about “the bride” Miguel Lago Casal, Laura Barba and Paco Hidalgo among performers. Mario Santos, Mario Alberto Diez, Pilar Pinter and Jaffe Rommel complete the cast.

‘wish a wish’ It can be seen from ATRESplayer It is open and will have a presence on the Atresmedia channels, the “Constantes y Vitales” website and its official social network profiles.

Albert’s story

The story “Making a Wish” is the voice of all those who have dreamed that their wish would come true at the worst moment of their lives: In the midst of political and economic uncertainty, Alberto (played by Miguel Lago Casal), a 44-year-old taxi driver Diagnosed with bladder cancer.

news about Discounts in health and researchthe lack of understanding between the various parties and the consequent brain drain, which hitherto for him had been simple letters the pages of any newspaper, are now presented to him as Huge concrete walls in a race against time What awaits us in the future.

After the first failed treatmentHe goes in search of Isabel (Luisa Gavasa) A researcher met him one day during one of his trips.

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