Science and the rural world are uniting against an animal rights law developed without technical standards or dialogue

Science and the rural world are uniting against an animal rights law developed without technical standards or dialogue

The flag and The world country Join Opposition to the treatment of animal rights law promoted by the Ministry of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, after it was Developed without following technical or scientific standards and for didn’t count for your writing with the affected sectors.

At an information breakfast held today in Madrid and organized by the Artemisan Foundation, scientists, veterinary professionals, forest engineers and agronomists demonstrated their opposition to addressing an ideological project that would have Serious consequences for millions of people and even the animals themselves that you intend to protect.

Head of the Craftsmen Foundation, Jose Luis Lopez SchumerHighlighted The rural world’s commitment to animal welfareBut he criticized the lack of dialogue in addressing the project and the use of an urgent procedure with the intent of stealing the right to participate from the community.

Similarly, the deception of the urban world was denounced by this law when they asserted that if the project was not approved, the animals would be unprotected. Something categorically false and seeks to silence the voices of defenders of the need to set the law according to technical and scientific standards, not ideological ones.

Finally, stressed that the law Not in line with European lawwhich excludes wildlife from its welfare laws, has underlined the burden it will have on municipal coffers at a time of widespread crisis and the disproportion and legal insecurity that has been drafted.

Lack of scientific and technical basis

while speaking, Christian GortazarProfessor at the University of Castilla La
Mancha and Research Institute of Fishing Resources Research Institute (IREC) and one of the world’s most famous scientists in the field of animal health, It has been criticized that the law was drawn up solely from positions of affection championed by animal activistsnot counting the usefulness advocated by ranchers, fishermen and other sectors that advocate the use of animals.

He also regretted the Lack of scientific and technical basis of the bill and that the priority of the individual over the importance of protecting species and the ecosystem in general, highlighting this meaning as an example of the massive loss of Swimming pool genetic that Castration obligation.

Similarly, highlight the problem that the law will generate because of Promote cat colonies When the impact of cats on biodiversity is dramatic, with tens of billions of wild animals plundered each year in what, in his view, constitutes “enormous collateral suffering for the animals.” In this sense, he pointed out that the food of stray cats leads to this The breeding of pest species such as rats and wild boarsextremes that have been demonstrated in numerous studies.

Researcher at the Higher Center for Scientific Research (CSIC), former director of the Center
Doñana Biological Station, considered the last great biologist and naturalist in Spain, Javier Castrovigopointed out that the law to be passed, instead of preserving the rights of animals, cancels them and raises questions about Contradictory issues Such as why the concept of animal abuse is limited to vertebrates and not to others such as the social hymenoptera or cephalopods.

As mentioned The project is against the opinion of the scientific community.
He pointed out that the community expressed its rejection of the law’s inaccuracy in a letter signed by more than 800 researchers and ignored by advocates of the law.

Law without the participation of veterinarians

For her part, Adviser to the General Council of Veterinarians in Spain Maria Luisa Fernandez insist that The participation of veterinarians is essential In drafting the law for their technical and scientific knowledge and because they are the closest to citizens and their pets.

In fact, he mentioned it The law does not cover the vast majority of allegations made In a consensual manner of professional unions he criticized the exclusion of veterinarians from the bodies responsible for enforcing the new law, as well as the failure to defend veterinarians by abolishing professional technical standards in decision-making in matters of importance. Like euthanasia.

for this part, Charles Alamofrom the official college of forestry engineers to the great obscurity of law and Serious legal uncertainty Derived from it and showed its rejection of the erroneous terminology it uses, wherein animals are equated with humans.

In addition, he has indicated that One of the aims of the law is to prohibit or make it as difficult as possible to engage in activities such as hunting.Which represents a source of livelihood and main save tool Nature and avoiding damage to agriculture, which has already been severely affected by rural abandonment and economic crisis, as well as to prevent traffic accidents and other risks such as diseases.

Distinguish between production animals and domestic animals

Finally, the representative of the National Association of Agricultural Engineers Carlos
they will be
have emphasized The need for law to distinguish between production animals and domestic animalsand insisted that in no way is it required that the former remain unprotected, but that it is necessary to legislate with due regard to their activity and their idiosyncrasies.

In addition, during his speech, he denounced the continuous attacks that are suffering from agricultural activity and the productive sector in general, and asked himself how the sector will be able to meet the great challenge of feeding 10,000 million people in the year 2050 when it is. They are constantly exposed to the risk of their survival.

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