Science has no gender: female scientists give lectures


Alumni Association Biotechnology Engineering From Tec Mexico City, Holding a symposium with women devoted to science, in order to attract more girls to this field.

Linda Medina, Director of the Department of Engineering and Science at Tec in Mexico City; Maria Luisa del Prado, Chemical Engineer and PhD in Materials Science and Engineering.

Plus Anna Castillo, an expert on Bioinformatics, nanotechnology and medical biotechnology; And director PrepaTec Program for Culture in the State of Mexico, Cynthia Fernandez.

How do women get close to science?

The experts agreed Promoting knowledge among girls, It will mean that there will be more women in this field in the future.

“The Scientific publishing Very importantly, there are many forums for doing basic science for boys and girls to foster a love of science.

“You have to make an effort, and take ownership of the mission, The idea is that we encourage that we are equal and that women can also be in this field. ‘And the Maria del Padro said.

For her part, Anna Castillo urged young women interested in science to do so Follow SC! To overcome any obstacle.

“You have to be persistent and consistent in science. In science, things are not generated from day to day. It is about perseverance, persistence, and above all, that they enjoy it. Because the road is long. “ He said.

Women in science

Girls and young men in robotics

Cynthia Fernandez spoke about her experience as a team coach FIRST FRC robotics equipment And how he promoted science through this group.

My role as a robotics trainer It is bringing women closer to engineering. The number of girls on the team has not changed much, but it has changed in the number of women in the engineering field because there are different fields in the team.

“This is something that I have been working on, until they are convinced that they can achieve it. In order for young women to remain in the field of engineering, they must feel safe, integrated and that there is a fair division of tasks. ” Commented.

For Linda Medina, women in a managerial position have a great responsibility to Encouraging other women.

“Another thing we can do, especially when we do, is Leaders Is that working conditions are ideal so that women can achieve a balance between family and work.

“Also Equal recognition and employment opportunities“, Expression.

Scientific woman

Scientists and personal life

Linda Medina sometimes expressed her belief that if it was a The woman becomes a scientistShe can only devote herself to studying, but commented that it is an example that all dreams and goals can be fulfilled.

“Overall it was a good experience for me. I’ve always had support Of men and women. The great women of science have managed to bear children and raise them well.

“I have three children, and my eldest daughter was born with a genetic syndrome, even in this case, one learns that Better organize your life, Your time and you can do whatever you want, “ Expression.

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