Science reveals the right way to eat chocolate chip cookies


We all, at some point in our lives, get a taste of the rich cracker جهاز Covered in chocolate. It is very easy to find this delicacy, whether in cookie packets or even in nearby bakeries.

Especially when we are kids, we don’t care much if there is a right way to eat these delicious biscuits. But science cares.

Believe it or not, a team of scientists has taken on the task of investigating whether there is a proper way to taste Chocolate cake.

Here’s everything the science has learned about eating cookies.

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The science of eating biscuits

The Chocolate biscuit It is one of the easiest things to find in the world, so it is not uncommon for some scientists to spend time analyzing it. So for another moment, we’ve already told you about the addictive potential of chocolate cookies discovered by science.

Now, a group of scientists from Oxford University led by Charles Spence has carried out an investigation to find out the correct way to eat. Chocolate covered biscuits.

It may sound strange, but in England – the home of Oxford University – chocolate-covered cookies are a food that is consumed in abundance every day. Indeed, it is the classic accompaniment to tea time. In fact, there are what are known as “digestive biscuits”.

These English cookies, such as those sold around the world, usually contain تحتوي Chocolate coating Only on one side, which is why everyone assumes the side the chocolate glaze goes to is the top.

But science has revealed that they are all somewhat wrong.

Which side is the chocolate cake on?

Researchers at the University of Oxford Believe who resolved the debate and emphasized that when eating them, the cookie should be taken with the chocolate side up, but turned over before eating.

Experts say this method allows the brain to register the coating of chocolate, while turning it over before eating increases the ‘oral somatosensory experience’ of chocolate melting on the tongue.

To reach this conclusion, Professor Charles Spence – a food scientist at the University of Oxford – analyzed different ways of eating chocolate chip cookies.

But he not only discovered the best way to eat biscuits, he also discovered that they are best enjoyed at room temperature and when eaten in a “big bite.”

“My research indicates that while there are advantages to eating it with any of the senses, holding a chocolate cookie first to maximize the visual experience and then shifting it as you bring the cookie closer to the mouth provides the best sensory experience,” declared Spence.

On previous searchSpence had already delved into the importance of watching our food before eating it.

This is how you eat chocolate cake

So, following all of Spence’s directions, the recipe for scientifically backed cookies will be as follows:

1. Remove the cookie from the package at room temperature.

2. Bring it to your mouth with the chocolate side up.

3. When you bring the cookie to your mouth, flip it over so the chocolate turns upside down.

4. Eat a large piece of chocolate directly by hitting your tongue.

5. If you are alone, chew the first two times with your mouth open to hear the crackling of the cookie, making the taste sensation unforgettable.

6. Chew slowly after the first few bites to maximize the full flavor experience.

Charles Spence, the author of this paper, has gained a lot of recognition in recent years as the main promoter of gastrophysics, a new science that integrates gastronomy and psychophysics (the scientific study of cognition). Currently, Spance runs the Crossmodal Research Laboratory at Oxford University, dedicated to stomach physics, where psychologists, neuroscientists, marketing specialists, culinary design, and even a resident chef co-exist.

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