Scientists doubt that there is 70% of the universe


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Are we living in a computer simulation, is the universe floating in nothingness? Cosmologists from the University of Copenhagen have tested a model that replaces dark energy with dark matter in the form of magnetic forces. The universe wouldn’t be expanding differently without dark energy.

“If what we discover is accurate, It might change our belief that what we thought made up 70% of the universe doesn’t really exist. We removed dark energy from the equation and added some additional properties to dark matter. This appears to have the same effect on the expansion of the universe as dark energy, ”Sten Harley Hansen, associate professor at the Center for Cosmology at the Niels Bohr Institute, explains in a statement.

A common understanding of how the energy of the universe is distributed is that it consists of 5% ordinary matter, 25% dark matter, and 70% dark energy. The entire assembly is subject to continuous expansion and acceleration.

For many years, this mechanism has been associated with the so-called cosmological constant, developed by Einstein in 1917, which indicates an unknown repellent force. But because the cosmological constant, known as dark energy, cannot be measured directly, many researchers, including Einstein, have questioned its existence, unable to suggest a viable alternative.

What is dark matter?

In the new model of UCPH researchers, 25% of dark matter was given special properties that make 70% of dark energy redundant.

We do not know much about dark matter, other than that it is a heavy and slow particle. But then we ask ourselves: What if dark matter has some quality similar to magnetism? We know that as ordinary particles move, they create magnetism, as Sten Hansen asks: “And the magnet attracts or It repels other magnets, so what if this is what is happening in the universe? That this continuous expansion of dark matter occurs thanks to some kind of magnetic force?

A new paradigm for the universe

Hansen’s question served as the basis for the new computer model, as researchers included everything they knew about the universe, including gravity, the expansion rate of the universe, and X, the unknown force that expands the universe.

“We developed a model that worked on the assumption that dark matter particles have some kind of magnetic force and we investigated the effect of this force on the universe. It turns out that it will have exactly the same effect on the expansion rate of the universe. We also know because of dark energy,” explains Steen Hansen.

However, much remains to be understood about this mechanism by researchers. Everything needs to be verified on better models that take more factors into account. As Hansen says:

“Honestly, our discovery might just be a coincidence. But if not, it would be really amazing. It would change our understanding of the structure of the universe and why it is expanding. As much as we currently know our thoughts about matter are alarmed. Darkness with some kind of magnetic force and the idea about dark energy is monstrous.” Just as much. “


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