The special status of the 17 distinguished residents of Villa Clara in science • workers


The Distinguished Personality Status was conferred by the Villa Clara County Government Board to 17 men and women scholars who, by virtue of merit, represent those who advance the values ​​of the community, and advance the province with their continuous preparation and teachings.

Photo: Isabel Diaz Gonzalez.

Alberto Lopez Diaz, Governor of Villa Clara, and Joel Perez García, member of the party’s regional office, presented the award as a tribute to those who have performed outstandingly in scientific work.

Yaritza Moya Caballero, Regional Government Secretary, announced the arguments under which accredited recognition has been granted for submission to local personalities with a distinguished political, labor, or social path, whether residents or non-residents of the province and who enjoy public recognition and respect for the city.

Photo: Isabel Diaz Gonzalez.

Received the condition: Dr. Miguel Angel Cabrera Perez, Dr. C. Marisol Freire Sego, Dr. C. Chavez Gonzalez, Dr. C. Manuel Luciano Vidal Diaz, Engineer Dania Rodriguez Del Sol and Engineer Argilio Jesus Abad Figua.

Also, Dr. Jorge E. Perrio Aguilas, Dr. Gretza Sanchez Padron, Dr. Armando Caballero Lopez, Dr. Maria de Lourdes Sanchez Lafar, and Dr. Academic Professor Graciel Lima Orozco.

On behalf of the winners, Dr. C. Joaquín Ramón Alonso Freyre affirmed the commitment to continue the scientific activity devoted to the promotion of programs developed in the province.

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