Scientists reveal when it’s best to go to bed to avoid heart problems



November 10, 2021 01:13 GMT

Specialists warn that there is an “ideal time to sleep” and that “distractions can be harmful to health.”

according to study This was published Tuesday in the European Heart Journal.

In their research, the scientists analyzed the relationship between parameters related to sleep onset, measured by a wrist accelerometer, and cardiovascular disease. A total of 88,026 men and women participated in the study.

After completing the experiment, the scientists concluded that the time we sleep and the possibility of heart disease It is closely relatedEspecially in the case of women.

Thus, compared to people who start sleeping between 22:00 and 22:59, those who go to bed in the middle of the night or later have a 25% higher risk of cardiovascular disease, and a 12% higher risk for those who go to bed To bed between 23:00 and 23:59, and a 24% higher risk for those who sleep before 22:00.

Our study indicates that The best time to sleep is a specific time in the 24-hour cycle of the body and deviations can be harmful to health “, pointed out Dr.. David Blanes of the University of Exeter (UK).

The specialist concluded that “the most dangerous time is after midnight, probably because it can reduce the likelihood of seeing the morning light, which resets the biological clock.”

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