Secretary Diana Morant: Science budget is double what we inherited from PP | – Internet Radio

Secretary Diana Morant: Science budget is double what we inherited from PP | – Internet Radio

The Minister for Science and Innovation, Diana Morante, in an interview with La Cafetera on, stressed that the Science Act “will ensure that scientists do not leave and can return,” noting that “from 2012 to 2015, researchers and researchers were destroyed.” In addition to That, he stressed, “the budget is now double what I inherited from the People’s Party.” and its La Cafetera program are funded with contributions from readers and listeners. We need your help to survive. If you love the press championing the program and feel it accompanies you, be a co-sponsor here.


The online discussion program provided the treatment that current affairs received on the front pages of daily newspapers. The discussion can be continued through
Twitter hashtag #LaCafeteraATodaCiencia.Press play to listen to it.
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