Senate committees agree to integrate Insabi’s functions into IMSS Wellbeing

Senate committees agree to integrate Insabi’s functions into IMSS Wellbeing

Just a quick session 17 minutes And without the presence of opposition members, the Joint Health and Second Legislative Studies Committees approved that tasks Wellness Health Institute (Insabi) to join Wellness IMSSThat is, so that one member is responsible for medical health.

They were members of legislative bodies headed by a senator Daisy Valdez Martinezand Senator Rafael Espino de la PenaWho supported the project that cancels and adds various provisions Public health law.

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all of them, with the aim of “organizing” Health system for well-being We repeat that IMSS Bienestar will be in collaboration with the same Minister of Healthto ensure the right to public health, which includes Free medical care, medicines and suppliesEven without social security.

Just yesterday, the project was approved at ParliamentWhere do the opposition parties come from? Brown womanand that is National Action Party (bread), Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Citizen movement (MC) f Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), they come back that a fix “of this magnitude” should have been subject to analysis.

However, his transition to Senate committees occurred on fast trackas well as other projects Fourth transformationto what different politicians call it “legislative tribute”and ruled that all reforms will be appealed to Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN).

Among the other proposals approved yesterday was the allocation Mayan Train indefinitely for the military; Expanding powers Minister of National Defense (Sedena) to ensure safety in the airspace and repair National Assets Act To ensure better prices in bids for government furniture and real estate.

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