September: Will face-to-face lessons be suspended due to childhood acute hepatitis in June 2022? | News from Mexico

Mexico City. – After detecting 21 cases of acute hepatitis in children in Mexicosome parents wondered whether The Ministry of Public Education (SEP) will suspend classes in the country.

In the face of the outbreak that has been classified as unusual, deputy Flora Tania Cruz SantosThe Chairman of the Education Committee stated that the Ministry of Health and SEP Work in coordination to take hygiene measures This is required.

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That’s why Cruz Santos has confirmed it so far Suspending lessons is not considered face-to-face He added that back-to-school hygiene protocols are being shared across platforms.

I hope we don’t have to get into a state of greater contagion in schools that deserve other kinds of legislative positions or such other secretarial positions.”

The World Health Organization raises 650 cases of hepatitis in children worldwide

Photography: EFE

On May 27, a World Health Organization It reported that the global cases of pediatric acute hepatitis of unknown origin since the discovery of this disease in early April rose to 650 cases in 33 countries.

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58% of cases were diagnosed in Europe and the United Kingdomwhere the disease was first reported on April 5, the country with the highest confirmed infection (222), followed by the United States (216), Japan (31), Spain (27), and Italy (21).

In most cases, hepatitis is caused by five types of viruses identified with the letters A, B, C, D and E, however, cases in children were not due to these viruses. Until now, The main suspect is adenovirus F41, But other possible causes are not excluded.

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