US government page where you can learn English for free

US government page where you can learn English for free

if he Einglish A pebble has always been in your way, you should know that there are currently multiple ways to do it Learn this language completely for free.

The US government offers free English language learning materials on its page learn. The course consists of three levels: basic, intermediate and a second language.

Interested users must register on the page And enter your name and email to access the articles.

Below is a brief description of each unit:

1) Beginners

Once registered, you will have access to core course videos and other study materials including images, audio, graphics and text to learn vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and life skills.

There are 20 units in this English language course covering core topics such as weather, clothing, climate, places in the neighborhood, and more.

2) English 1 plus

It is also part of the education of beginners. You’ll find videos of Anna, a woman working in Washington, D.C. telling her stories about work and personal life. The goal is for students to expand their vocabulary and listening skills.

3) The second English language course

It is the intermediate level among USA Learns courses. It is made up of five videos that also show characters who live in the United States. The topics for the 20 units are: workplace, housing and family life, taxation, law, and community issues.

Interactive practice activities combine video, audio, graphics and images to teach vocabulary, grammar and life skills across all language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

4) Practice English and reading

Some videos are presented as news reports. Students will listen to native speakers to improve pronunciation. Topics cover daily life and students are expected to conduct a conversation.

USA Learns also offers an English language course for people looking to prepare for citizenship. Covers the steps needed to become a US citizen, N-400 interview practice, civics materials, and more.

Another page from the United States to learn English is an information blog about US culture, government, and destinations, but in its “section”Learn EnglishThey always upload news about new courses and subjects.

They noted that “in the ‘Daily Conversations’ section there are voices (with their transcripts) for students from intermediate to advanced.”

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