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Edit: Fighting for America | Official Trailer | Netflix

Besides the “Men in Black” and “I am a legend” star, the “Edit” also includes valuable archive material and excerpts from interviews and readings from other celebrities such as Samuel L. Jackson, Mahershala Ali, Yara Shahidi, Pedro Pascal, Randall Park and Diane Lynn. . Together, they revealed the evolution of the American legal and political system and the differences between individuals that still exist a century and a half after its creation.

“We are living through unprecedented days as a society, as a country, and as a human family,” Smith said. In a statement about the series. “I believe that developing a personal and historical understanding is the inevitable spark that lights the torch of understanding and healing that we so desperately need. I think a deeper understanding of the Fourteenth Amendment is an essential starting point.”

“Our hope in this series – the interpreter continues – is to shed light on the promise of the United States and share the message of communication and humanity so that we can understand and Better celebrate our various experiences and promote progress toward true equality promised to all people under the Fourteenth AmendmentThe actor continued.


Samuel Jackson joined the cast as the narrator.

The Amendment reveals an innovative narrative format that revives the speeches and writings of the most ardent defenders and enemies of the Fourteenth Amendment, including, on both sides, Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King Jr., Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Andrew Johnson, among others, reviewed by contemporary experts Opinion leaders.

Larry Wilmer, executive producer of the series with Smith, highlighted the importance of shipping from a current perspective: “I hope families can see the topics of this work being discussed together and that the series be a fruitful topic of discussion. Everything we’ve seen happening in America in recent years has to do with what blacks and other marginalized groups have always wanted.Make sure we are a real part of America and have everything promised in the constitution. I think it would be really nice if the series helped people better understand the special relationship between each of us and our country. “

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