Seven people, including a soldier, were killed in clashes near the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo


The Ugandan Ministry of Defense said, on Saturday, that a soldier was killed in clashes between government forces and militants near the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

A soldier in clashes near the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The official spokesman for the ministry, Brigadier General. About 20 armed men disguised as forest workers attacked a military post near the border in a forested area in remote northwest Uganda early Friday morning, Flavia Bikwaso told AFP.

He said six of the attackers, believed to be from the Lendu ethnic group, were “off duty” and four were arrested in the attack in the Xiu Forest.

“We lost a soldier during an attack by Congolese armed men in Zieu and our hearts go out to the family of the deceased,” Picasso said.

“Three of our soldiers were injured and airlifted” for treatment at a military hospital near the capital, Kampala.

It added that weapons, including machine guns, bows, arrows and machetes, had been seized, and the other attackers were being tracked down with the Congolese authorities.

“There have been several attacks by Congolese militiamen on our military bases and civilian institutions recently, and we hope the relevant authorities will take steps to stop them,” Bikwaso said.

In March, suspected Congolese militiamen kidnapped 16 Ugandan fishermen in Lake Albert, a vast area of ​​fresh water that stretches across the border.

In November 2020, suspected militants across the border killed five Ugandans in the same lake.

In April 2020, Ugandan forces killed three government soldiers from the Democratic Republic of the Congo who allegedly entered Uganda to attack the communities around Lake Albert, an area where huge oil reserves have been found.

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