She criticizes the nurse for wearing a tight uniform and standing up for herself

She criticizes the nurse for wearing a tight uniform and standing up for herself

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The nurses and all the medical staff are doing a great job, But sometimes they are severely criticized for aspects that are not related to their work, such as their physique and the way they dress. This happens to the nurse Erica Diaz, who was castigate To wear a tight costume.

He became 22 years old Popular on TikTok As for the videos you share, many people were quick to criticize it Because he goes to work in a uniform that is very close to the body. Some state that this is not true for the nurse.

Tired of the constant comments about their physical appearance and the uniforms they wear to work, The young woman who lives in Texas, responded to everyone who criticizes her through a video which he shared on TikTok, which is no longer on his profile, but was taken by Twitter user Lupita Murillo.

In the description of the video, she wrote: “Some people only have a problem with my body, not my uniform and that’s clear.”

in the section, Erica explained that she is a petite and short woman, and she mentioned it That some people tell her that her body is “fake”, referring to the fact that she underwent plastic surgery.

“Some people only have a problem with my body (…), I am short and small. You can say my body is fake, whatever you want, it is not. Ask me about my back problems.”

On the other hand, the young woman said that she is still studying, has two jobs, and devote herself to taking care of others. So it’s not fair that they only criticize the way the outfit is worn.

I have two jobs, I’m a volunteer and I’m still studying. I dedicate my life to improving the lives of others, and anyone’s opinions are irrelevant.”


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