Luisito Comunica discovered, 4 years later, that Dunkin’ changed its name

Luisito Comunica discovered, 4 years later, that Dunkin’ changed its name
  • The fact shown by Luisito Comunica indicates the impact of the average consumer on networks, according to a study by Public Relations Week.

  • Brands must be ready to appear on the networks, and the love that the consumer shows for them depends on this.

  • Dunkin’ Brands mentioned Goods valued at $3,920 million in 2019.

Luisito . communicates I was surprised by an unexpected upgrade to the new name of Duncan, Four years after he changed it, a fact that no acquaintance had discovered Youtube.

mention it Luisito . communicates He disclosed on his social networks a common practice of these characters having to do with unexpected brand activations. This case is undoubtedly a testament to how important the presence of brands on social networks is, even their strength measured by the number of followers they gather.

in Report From NetBase SolutionsThe company has qualified what it considers to be the most popular brand on social networks and ranks first Instagramwith the possibility of more than 722 billion.

Follow Instagram on this classification He appears Amazon with 538 billionAnd the Youtube with 528 billion; FacebookAnd the 485 billion s spotify with 377 billion.

The impact of social networks on brands is obvious and scale that is a good marketing strategy Social Media Marketing on the brands they implement, so it is important to see how companies can not only follow on social networks, but also how they display it.

Luisito Komonica and Duncan

Dunkin’ Donuts Announced changing his name to only Dunkin In 2018 and four years had to pass, for Luisito . communicates She discovered the change to the logo of this popular chain that sells donuts, in a move that has boosted its offering of the beverage, a product that leads in sales. Starbucks inside the clip Retail fast food.

All this happened during a visit Communicates to South Korea, where he noticed the chain’s new logo selling donuts and now specialty drinks.

“Locate Dunkin’ DonutsWell, this is a very popular brand, here in South Korea they actually changed the name to Just DunkinBecause they no longer only sell cakes, they sell sandwiches, salads, and even Sausage And the foundation is huge, super strawberry,” he explained Youtube View all types of food items sold in this branch, including bean cakes.

This is an interesting exercise Luisito . communicates did about him Dunkin In their social networks, four years after a brand made the decision to shorten its name is part of how important consumer view of the brand is.

Comunica’s work makes us forget her role influential And he puts him as a consumer who was surprised when he entered a store Dunkin And discover that the chain has changed its name.

in study From PRWeekthe company is sorted by effectiveness Profiles influencers And a key idea discovered, consumers represent the second most effective social influence force, accounting for 25 percent, just one percentage point lower than television personalities such as well-known journalists, with an impact of 26 percent.

exercise that Luisito . communicates It was made similar to the one that spread very quickly back then Candice Paynealso known online as Chewbacca’s momwhen he made a file in 2016 reconsidering Too honest of a famous character mask star Wars It caused an uncontrollable laugh in her, and she managed to post the video I posted in it Facebook And causing the game to sell, not only to the hearts of network users who interacted with his material, but also the hearts of the brands that have sponsored the same products he traveled to Disney.

These cases, whether Komonica’s case or Mama’s case ChewbaccaStudy confirms public relations weekthat the average consumer, when he touches the base in networks, is the largest influential And their strength against or in favor of the brand is due to the democracy that these platforms allow to conduct what is widely circulated as the best activation or worst crisis for the brand.

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