She records her boss talking badly about her, and the video went viral

She records her boss talking badly about her, and the video went viral

At work, they might Mis-understanding And some problems with colleagues because of differences in views. In fact, it may simply be that you are simply not liked by any of them or they even talk badly about you. However, it is somewhat exaggerated that they do so when you are just a few meters away.

Disclosure of the director before resigning, the video spreads

This is the case of a tiktoker who revealed her ex-boss on the short video platform because he spoke ill of her too close. the user @Samanthigark She said she quit her job after hearing and recording her boss abusing her in the same work area.

The young woman named Samantha shared the clip tik tok In which he proved that his boss has a bad practical work.

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The girl accompanied the video with the description, “I quit my job 4 years ago today. I’m done with these disrespectful ones, and I haven’t received any training from managers. Bye.”

The Video who quickly became Widely On tik tok Already accumulated more than 183 thousand “like”nearly 1,500 comments and 1.4 million views.

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I quit my job for 4 years today. I’m done with these disrespects, and I haven’t had manager training in 50 years. Goodbye but also samgar2769 dollars

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Tiktokers reprimand the manager’s bad behavior

Did not wait for comments, demonstrating a community tik tok In favor of the girl, and congratulating her for being calm in the face of the situation, and it should be noted that there are also users who indicated that what she did was incorrect, by exposing her manager in this way.

“People don’t quit their jobs, they quit their bosses! Managers who move back and forth with their employees shouldn’t be managers! Tell me you sent this to HR…this is called a ‘hostile work environment’ and you can get paid to quit smoking! Wow, it’s so unprofessional of them to talk about you like that. I’m sorry doll, I’m so sorry you had this experience, there are really great leaders, unfortunately, people meet these types of people a lot”, are some of the comments that can be read at Video.

The story has a happy ending, as the young tiktoker indicated that she had applied for a new position at another company, plus she was very happy to be chosen.

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