Sienna Miller Jumps To Broadcast With ‘Anatomy of a Scandal’ (Netflix) | TV | entertainment

Sienna Miller Jumps To Broadcast With ‘Anatomy of a Scandal’ (Netflix) |  TV |  entertainment

two years ago when Sienna Miller received the scripts for anatomy scandalthe mini-series of David E. Kelly and Melissa James Gibson, read them cover to cover. “She devoured them the way you want to gobble up a six-part drama,” the actress commented.

She was offered the role of Sophie, wife of James (Robert Friend), Parliamentary Minister-Repeat. This character requires the full range of Miller’s abilities and gifts: charisma, weakness, beauty, and intelligence. And in a career where she’s been relegated mostly to supporting roles as a starring wife or girlfriend, Sophie is a strong leader this time around. However, Miller was reluctant to accept the role. “I had reservations because it felt a little ugly and familiar,” he said in an interview. The New York Timesreferring to his personal scandal.

In the first episode Sophie discovers that James was having an affair with a co-worker and that daily Mail News will come out in the morning. For Miller, who faced controversy in the mid-2000s, When her fiancé, then actor Jude Law, slept with their nanny, The echo was clear.

But just as you might have the impulse to run your fingers over the scar of a wound that has healedthe opportunity to revisit those past experiences became part of Miller’s allure for the role. “In a strange, quirky way, I was drawn to it, and explored it from a different perspective.”

Of course, Miller is not Sophie. The actress is liberal where Sophie is conservative, and expressive where Sophie is restrained. Sophie plays the ideal wife of a politician for personal reasons. For Miller, role-playing is quite professional. Himself off-camera unmoved and open. and after There are moments in the series when Sophie’s life seems inseparable from the actor who plays her.

Not lost on these parallels, Sarah Vaughan, who created the character of Sophie in her 2018 novel ., He is an executive producer of the series. They give “an extra level of nuance and meaning to his performance,” Vaughan said.

In filming the series, Miller also drew consciously on his past. “There’s kind of a muscle memory about a lot of his experiences that I’ve had. So it was totally available‘, exposed. At times, it was almost too available.

From cinema to Netflix

The 40-year-old actress, born in New York and raised in London, He built his career mainly on the big screen and stage, user anatomy scandal His first role in a series. His first major role was Daniel Craig’s love interest cake layer (2004), by Matthew Vaughn. Also appeared in two thousand (2004), Cazanova (2005), GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra (2009) and American sniper (2014).

His father, Edwin Miller, born in the United States, is an investor and art dealer. his mom, Josephine Miller, a South African model who became David Bowie’s personal assistant. Joe went to direct the Lee Strasberg Institute of Theater and Film in New York, and later became a yoga instructor. Sienna has an older sister, Savannah Miller.

In 2012, Sienna and her ex-husband, actor Tom SturridgeThey welcomed their daughter Marlow.

“I’m less concerned about something at this point in my life,” she said. “I mean, I’m so happy. I feel very rooted. I have a healthy daughter. I’m still working and have a very nice decadeAnd a lot of people didn’t. So there is a kind of quiet pride in this aspect.”

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