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Do you think that the way you dress defines you? Do you think that there are clothes that do not respect the eyes of others? Although he thought you were Old ideas were buried thanks to the struggle of women, Who apparently sought to remove adjectives from clothes There are places where masculinity continues to be produced. This happened to Billy Bridlov, Who was a victim of discrimination and manhood by workers from Six flags On Oklahoma, United States. what happened? It turns out the woman was taken out of the amusement park because she was dressed up Short “very short”.

This case became visible through social networks. From the post, The young woman recounted how Six Flags workers kicked her out and discriminated against her because of the way she dressed. It was mentioned that the director of the theme park He was publicly embarrassed and threatened by “wearing the very shorts”.

According to your testimony, Billy Bridlov and her family entered Six Flags Park from 5:00 PM.. At that time there was no problem with her clothes. Until A policeman took her arm and told her that her shorts were too short.

At that time it was the woman He decided to go tell his partner that he was also in the park. He explained that because of his autism, he Talking to the officers is difficult for you. However, far from fixing everything, I started getting shouts from the officer calling for reinforcements.

My experience there was painful, “ She was a woman.

One of the place managers came to the place and began to embarrass her. You are They asked to buy another shorts. In order not to continue scaring her family, she agreed to do so. However, the authorities Now they accuse her of trespassing. Until they finally took it out and pulled it out of it Six flags.

In the narration of events, Billy Bridlov said the police also wanted to see his official ID, which he did not provide for lack of an identifiable reason. The stressful moment was reported on social networks, and I was able to receive multiple samples of support.

They asked that people not be discriminated against because of the way they dress plus They emphasized her ability to wear whatever clothes she wanted.

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