Sonic 2, the movie is already the highest-grossing video game adaptation in US history

Sonic 2, the movie is already the highest-grossing video game adaptation in US history

Although internationally it is still far from the most successful productions of this genre of feature films.

With the latest US box office data in hand, Sonic 2, the movie grossed $146.3 million in less than a month in theaters, making it the most successful video game adaptation in North American country history.

This record has been held so far, precisely, by the movie Sonic, which in 2020, shortly before the outbreak of the health crisis caused by Covid-19, $ 146.1 million. The production of Paramount Pictures also surpassed Uncharted, which managed to climb to third with a very close number.

Warcraft is still the highest paid adaptation in the worldHowever, the SEGA blue hedgehog’s record in his second cinematic incursion was not reflected internationally, with Their cumulative total is $288.2 millionless than $319.7 million for the original film, although it should be noted that the sequel has not yet reached many Asian markets. all over the worldThe most successful adaptation is still Warcraft followed by Pokémon: Detective Pikachu and Rampage, all of which topped $400 million.

From Paramount Pictures, they are 100% convinced of the profitability of the franchise and are already working on the third part as it is not known if Jim Carrey will be there after announcing his retirement from the profession a few weeks ago. An animated series for Paramount + starring Knucles was also greenlit.

While we encourage you to read the review of Sonic, Movie 2 by Raquel Cervantes who said: “An action-packed adventure with humor suitable for all kinds of audiences that makes you leave the cinema with enough energy to run through Green Hills.” You’ll also be happy to hear the first details about the Sonic Origins Retro Collection.

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